Monday, January 6, 2014

I'm Back

I have decided that I miss blogging. I logged on to blogger for the first time today in almost two years. I'm not even sure I can put into words the amazing things that have occurred to me over my blogger absence. But I will try to sum it up. Ok, ready?

In my most recent post I was finally married to my country boy romeo and we were expecting our first little bundle of joy. So fast forward to today.

We now have two beautiful boys who are full of life and keep me on my toes. Easton is 23 months and Lucas is 3 months. I am a sometimes dysfunctional stay at home mom. My husband works his hiney off for a construction company in the city and I have put off school for the time being. I am making a little money with my lifetime hobby as a  natural lighting photographer.
We live on a farm in a cozy little stone cottage that sits snugly beside a pond. My life is not glamorous but it is full of fun and excitement. Little giggles and running baby feet fill my mornings and my night can often include screaming and sleep fighting. To sum it up this blog will still include my occasional short stories but for the most part will be about my life as a mom. Who would have guessed? Here's a few pictures of my new life.

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