Friday, April 16, 2010

F*ck College!

I really need to vent right now so this post will be dedicated to all the freaking idiot professor's out there who are spending their time as teachers making students lives a living hell! I have been in college for two years now after this semester, which is ending in the next couple of weeks. In that time I have dealt with every kind of professor. I have experienced the horny, moody, whiny, and hilarious. The one I want to refer to however, is the moody! How is it that you can be a teacher and do things just to have the intentions of making things all the more harder on the student? It is not enough that you made the statement already of how you do not believe in giving A's. Who says that? If I deserve a f**king A, I better receive that grade!

So to explain what caused this little tangent, I first had to define the sort of professor I was dealing with. Today I devoted my time to completing a history paper that I though was to be wrote on the Cold War. Well let's just say I was wrong. The topic was instead supposed to be on the "New World Order". I had just spent the majority of my day writing a paper on the wrong damn topic. This paper I should add is due at midnight. Alright, if that wasn't enough I then begin to write about the new topic (stressing out the whole time mind you), I get quite excited because I realize it has to do with a lot of the conspiracy theories surrounding the government taking complete control of the American people. I am writing and realizing happily that at the rate I'm going I will be able to finish.

I do finish with two in a half hours to spare! I then start to review my paper, making corrections and cleaning up the rough draft. While doing this I always review what the professor wanted out of the paper. This is when my night takes another devastating turn. I find an email saying how my a**hole professor wants nothing to do with conspiracy theories in the paper (let's just say at this point, I lower my head and say obscene things under my breath). Being the trooper that I am, I compose myself and begin searching for something else I could write about in the amount of time I have left. I work my little butt off and right at 11:30 I believe I have it finished! I review again and then I see a new email flashing, I click and read this --

I have had several 'freaking out' emails over the past few days so I am going to extend the due date for the DWO paper to the 18th. This will allow everyone a few more days to complete or edit their papers.

To put it nicely I get so pissed at this point I want to step outside and scream at the top of my lungs! I would have never thought that the one time I don't think he will give me a break, he does. So to conclude this rant I say, "F*CK YOU COLLEGE!!"


  1. So...did you end up finishing the paper or not? Or are you going to take advantage of the extra time? Don't blame you for being frustrated!

  2. I finished it, but gonna take the extra time to make it better.

  3. I've had professors do that! I've had profs push back exam dates as well. I suppose it's a good thing, but it's not seen that way when you spend your day & night working away til your eye balls want to fall out only to find out that you didn't need to rush it. I've had nights that I didn't sleep at all to finish something only to find out the next day at class that the deadline was extended. My advise (that I don't follow myself haha) is to plan to write papers at least a week before the deadline. Being a history major, history papers are my specialty too ;p