Wednesday, March 17, 2010

An Every Day Miracle

I feel the sands softness between my toes as I walk ever so delicately along the shore. I hear the whispers of the oceans waves as the water rolls in and out from between my toes. I can see my foot prints behind me only for a moment before the sea washes them away, as if I had never walked there. 
The light breeze across my shoulders is so sweet and gentle, like a lovers hand brushing along my back lulling me into its embrace. I wrap my arms around myself and close my eyes feeling the power of the ocean as it pulls and lets go. I can almost sway to its rhythm like a branch caught in the wind. The water then rushes more violently against my legs, causing me to stagger for a brief second. 
 Finally I open my eyes and turn to look upon the vast openness that is the sea. The sun is setting slowly out of sight. This is breath taking, I wish I could freeze that moment in time. Its so glorious. The sun seeming to disappear into the oceans depths along with a mixture of deep reds and oranges intertwined. Its so lovely, I long to be a part of this miracle.
When the ocean eventually swallows up the sun to leave only darkness. I begin to move along the shore again looking ahead seeing only the beaches long shore and thinking to myself, God is truly great.

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