Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tough Love

I stand alone and torn in the middle of a room, you tower over me and scold my innocence. I feel myself shrinking before you. You seem so cool, calm, and menacing. I can feel what's coming next to the core of my heart. You begin with a string of insults directed at me and my already broken ego. I think back and try to remember what I have done to make you so angry with me.

You begin to come closer grabbing my arms roughly and begin to shake me. Its as if you are trying to shake off whatever it is about me that disgusts you so. I feel the tears in my throat as the burning in my heart increases, I fight back the tears knowing that only makes you all the more angry. I close my eyes and see darkness, I try to drown out your voice and the smell of liquor on your breath as you scream in my face.

You begin to step back, its as if everything begins to slow. I can feel your anger and the sweat as it rolls down my back. I freeze and brace myself as your hand raises behind you. Then in an instant I hear silence. I crumple to the floor, knowing this satisfies you.

Sweet silence. You walk away leaving only pain in your wake. As I pick myself up I think to myself more determined that ever, I will do better tomorrow Mommy, just wait, you will see.

1 comment:

  1. Very gripping...and heartbreaking. I love the way you write!