Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Household Disaster

I have been taking care of my mother's dogs for the past four days. She owns two boxers and two that are mutts. The two boxers stay in the house. These are my moms dogs. They look sweet right? And they are awesome dogs.

But, let me tell you it is not a fun experience all the time. When my mom left to go on a little vacation she informed me that the dogs would do great! If you feed them in the mornings and let them play during the day then feed them again around 7:30, they shouldn't be much of a hassle. 

Ok, let me start over. I am a germaphobe. I can not stand dirty things. So let me say that the one thing I was worried about was the fact that the dogs might pee or poop everywhere. Luckily, Mom assured me that as long as I leave the basement door open then the dogs will go to the restroom downstairs. Well my mother was wrong!!! These dogs just go where ever they please! It does not matter if the damn door is open or not! I have had some of the worst couple of days. 

I have completely changed my way of thinking when it comes to animals inside a home. I will never allow a dog, let alone two dogs stay inside my house. And another thing, my mothers house has only carpet on the floors. I cannot stand the smell of dog urine. I have cleaned and sprayed smelly stuff, opened windows even though its cold outside, and lit candles. Nothing can get rid of the dog urine stench in carpet. 
My rant will continue with the fact that their is dog hair all over everything. Their is dog hair on the towels in the bathroom, in the kitchen, on the beds, and pillows. Its everywhere! I feel nasty as soon as I step out of the bath tub. I have no idea how I had not noticed how disgusting it was until recently. 

I honestly don't know how other people can live like this. I need cleanliness to survive. I can not wait for my mom to return home so I can finally sleep somewhere clean and urine smell free!! 


  1. That's why my one house pet lives in a cage! lol Please let Jerry know how clean Paulie actually is.